Birds Species near Extinction

The world conservation Union recently revealed that about 12% of all bird species are threatened with extinction. Climate change, widespread loss of habitat, and increasing population of invasive species are destroying the birds’ population at alarming rate. According to a study conducted by Stafford biologists, by the year 2100, more than 14% of all species will cease to exist, and additional 15% could be in danger of vanishing. It implies that, decomposition, seed dispersal, pollination, and other key ecosystem processes will drop as well. Most of the people neglect this because, they think, they will be long dead by that time. However, when analyzing this fact maturely, it easy to note that the next generation might be affected. This article will review some of the beautiful rare bird species on the edge of extinction.

Black stilt

black-stiltIt is native to New Zealand. Black stilt is a large wader species, which is on the rim of extinction, despite two decades of devoted protection effort. In the year 1981, they were down to 23 birds. The population has not even reached the100 mark currently. The greatest threat for these bird species is the constructions of hydroelectric power stations. Since canals have replaced most rivers, these birds are forced to nest on other areas that do not offer protection to predators or rich food supply. These species take at least two years to become mature. Therefore, the possibility of the chicks living long enough to find a mate is minimal in their current situation.

Ivory-Billed woodpecker

This highly endangered species is among the most fascinating birds in the globe. With its long ivory-bill and tuxedo-like markings, it is a showstopper. Males have red splash on the side of their heads making them more beautiful. They were once countless of them in the virgin forests in southeastern of USA. However, due to destruction of their habitat and hunting by predators, their numbers have reduced nearly to zero. In 2004, there were a few of them remaining.

Gorgeted Puffleg

It belongs to hummingbird species. Gorgeted pufflrg was discovered in 2005. Since then, it has been listed among the critically endangered bird species. These brightly-colored birds are Endemic to Columbia. Their natural habitat has been destroyed almost completely. They are now left with a minuscule area. These birds are found in the cloud forest of the amazing Serrania del Pinche Mountain range. The report of Science Daily indicates that more than 8% of this forest is cleared to grow coca.

Medium Tree Finch

The specie belongs to the group of Darwin finch. It is only found in the islands of Galapagos. A species of fly, philornis downsi was accidentally introduced in the region. The fly species lay their eggs in the bird nests. Parasitic larvae after hatching live in the nest, feeding on the nestlings blood and flesh at night. Medium Tree Finch only lay 2 to 3 eggs at a time, and the flies are destroying them. The explains why the bird is in the list of the protected birds