Where Can You See The Royal Albatross?

albatross-on-nestsThe Royal Albatross is a graceful giant with a wingspan of up to three meter or even more. These renowned ocean wanderers, these birds, travel very far from their breeding grounds in search for food. They can cover up to an astonishing 190,000 kilometers a year. These birds feed mostly on remote islands and spend their entire lives at the sea, landing on the water to feed or sleep. The Albatross is the largest birds in the world and there are two major types of albatross, the wandering and the royal. The royal albatross is further sub-classified into sub-categories that are the southern albatross and the northern albatross. The difference between the two species is that the southern ones are much bigger in size than the northern ones.

The toroa breed of these albatross lives in New Zealand waters. They nest on the Chatham Islands and also at Taiaroa Head peninsula, one of the only two places in the world where albatross breed at a mainland place. so if you visit this place is an assurance that you will not miss out seeing an albatross.

The second places where these birds breed and live are Campbell and Auckland islands, which are some of the world’s most important birds sanctuaries where you will find a diverse ecology and numerous other species.

This bird’s species is said to be endangered; thus it is our responsibility to take care of their habitats so as to improve the living standards of this royal bird. Remember, if you see an injured or a dead albatross, it is good to report the matter to the authorities in order for them to determine the cause of the injury or even death.

Certain fishing practices like long line fishing should be discouraged since this fishing style destroys the ecological niche of this bird’s species. You can help out by writing a letter to the authorities urging them to change destructive fishing styles and by doing this, you will have helped a great deal in saving the bird.

Another thing one can do in order to feel a sense of participation in protecting this bird’s species is by supporting the projects geared towards their protection like fencing the sanctuary. You can contribute towards fencing the sanctuary by just giving out money or even fencing materials and by doing so, you will have contributed towards protection of this species.

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