All About Albatross- For Bird Fanatics!

albatrossFor all the bird enthusiasts out there, an albatross aloft can be a breathtaking sight. Named for its short tail with a black bar at the end, this large seabird also known as “mollymawks” begins life with majestic blackish brown feathers and light pinkish yellow legs. As it grows up, its feathers turn white, leaving just black borders to the wings and a tinge of rust orange on the nape and crown. The feet are blue and the bill is big and pink, attaining a blue edge with age.


Did you know it is one of the largest birds in the sky as the wingspan of the male Albatross can reach more than 3.5 meters in length, which means it has the biggest wingspan of any other bird. It is an easily detectable bird with a body that is approximately more than 1 meter long in size.


This large species is found throughout the southern and northern Pacific and also in the colder Antartica regions. It belongs to the Diomedeidae family along with other sea birds including fulmars, diving petrels, storm petrels and shearwaters. There are approximately 22 different species of Albatross found in the southern seas, but unfortunately 19 such species are believed to be threatened with extinction today.


This unique bird is air bound and spends its entire life gliding above the sea waves and is well known to fly thousands of miles in very less time. During breeding season, the family returns to a dry land where they nest in huge colonies on the cliffs of rocky, remote islands inside the Antarctic Tundra.


For Albatross encounter, bird watching in Kaikoura, located on the east coast New Zealand is consideeed to be one of the world’s most astounding marine watching areas. The reason being the plethora of marine birds that can be viewed just off what is a spectacularly mesmerizing coastline. In addition to this, bird watchers can also view them on the coasts of South America, South Africa, Australia, Galapagos islands, California, Alaska, Hawaii and Japan.

So go and enjoy the close up of these majestic birds as they are simply enthralling and worth watching.